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Become a Friend of Polperro

Polperro is a beautiful village to visit and many people love the place. A lot of what you see and enjoy in Polperro exists because of the dedication of villagers, village voluntary organisations and businesses that exist here. From the Harbour Trust, to the various clubs and activities in the village including those put on for visitors to the village such as Festival and Christmas lights community company that runs the quay toilets and the business rubbish collection all are run by volunteers and funded by grants or donations. 

To keep Polperro thriving for the future please become a Friend of Polperro and make a donation to help keep this wonderful place going for the people who live here and those who enjoy this place such as yourself.

Donations will go to local causes to maintain the community and the upkeep of the village and to the good causes set up to maintain the village and its environment.

For our part we will keep you updated on village events through a newsletter; let you know what projects are being undertaken; have special offers as Friends when you visit and an annual draw to win a stay in a holiday cottage.

Become a Friend of Polperro

Arrive as strangers, leave as friends
Stay a friend by joining Friends of Polperro
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