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March 2019
Mon18-New Event 12:0012:00No Venue
Tue19-Pub Quiz 20:3023:00The Old Millhouse
Wed20-The Wreckers 21:1523:00The Old Millhouse
Thu21-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri22-Steve Winchester 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat23-Charity Horse Racing20:0022:00The Ship Inn
Sat23-Hooded Horse 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat23-Dew Barf 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun24-Story Time and Activity10:0016:00Coffee Cake Create
Tue26-Pub Quiz 20:3023:00The Old Millhouse
Thu28-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri29-Josh Taylor 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat30-Darts competition20:0023:00The Ship Inn
Sun31-Story Time and Activity10:0016:00Coffee Cake Create
April 2019
Tue2-Pub Quiz 20:3023:00The Old Millhouse
Wed3-Adult Fimo Easter Decorations18:3022:00Coffee Cake Create
Wed3-The Wreckers 21:1523:00The Old Millhouse
Thu4-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri5-Jimmy Lee 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat6-Coastal Foraging10:0016:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat6-Lord Mayor's anniversary party 19:0022:00British Legion
Sat6-Opium 21:0023:00Three Pilchards
Sat6-Luke Deakin 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun7-Mark Goodright 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Sun7-Pub quiz & bingo18:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses
Tue9-Pub Quiz 20:3023:00The Old Millhouse
Wed10-The Wreckers 21:1523:00The Old Millhouse
Fri12-Looe Arts & Crafts 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-04-12 to 2019-04-25)
Fri12-Black Velvet 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat13-Lord Mayor's seminar 18:0019:00British Legion
Sat13-Fimo Bead Jewllery18:3021:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat13-Lord Mayor's Ball 19:0023:00British Legion
Sat13-50 Year Storm 21:0023:00Three Pilchards
Sat13-Slim Semora 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun14-Peter Crawford 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Sun14-Children's coastal painting16:0018:00Coffee Cake Create
Sun14-Pub quiz & bingo18:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses
Tue16-Pub Quiz 20:3023:00The Old Millhouse
Wed17-The Wreckers 21:1523:00The Old Millhouse
Fri19-Bas relief plaques11:0015:00Coffee Cake Create
Fri19-Pamper night12:0012:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat20-Interactive Beach project10:0012:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat20-The Outrageous Peggy Wessex21:0023:00The Noughts and Crosses
Sat20-Tamsyn Berry 21:0023:00British Legion
Sat20-Rich James 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun21-Make a fish workshop12:0014:00Coffee Cake Create
Sun21-Annual Easter Egg Hunt12:1015:00Whole Village
Sun21-Lochness 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Sun21-Beach art project16:0018:00The Quay
Sun21-Ben Criddle 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Tue23-Fabric Bunting17:3021:00Coffee Cake Create
Tue23-Pub Quiz 20:3023:00The Old Millhouse
Wed24-The Wreckers 21:1523:00The Old Millhouse
Thu25-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri26-Moody Will 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat27-James Dixon 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun28-Pub quiz & bingo18:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses
Tue30-Pub Quiz 20:3023:00The Old Millhouse
May 2019
Thu2-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri3-Adult Fimo Easter Decorations18:3022:00Coffee Cake Create
Fri3-Christian Sleep 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat4-Luke Deakin 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun5-Steve Winchester 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Thu9-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri10-Black Velvet 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat11-Josh Taylor 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun12-Bucket List 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Thu16-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri17-Ben Criddle 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat18-Artists in Cornwall 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-05-18 to 2019-05-31)
Sat18-The Claze 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun19-The Hard Done Byes 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Thu23-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Fri24-Willie & Gail 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun26-They're There 15:0017:00Blue Peter
June 2019
Sat1-West Country Artists 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-06-01 to 2019-06-14)
Sat1-James Dixon 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Thu6-Basic drawing class09:1511:15Coffee Cake Create
Sat15-Polperro Festival 12:0019:00Whole Village
(Multi day event from 2019-06-15 to 2019-06-22)
Mon24-Artists in Cornwall 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-06-24 to 2019-07-19)
July 2019
Sat20-Looe Pastellist Group 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-07-20 to 2019-08-02)
August 2019
Sat3-Looe Arts & Crafts 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-08-03 to 2019-08-30)
Sat31-West Country Artists 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-08-31 to 2019-09-13)
September 2019
Sat14-Artists in Cornwall 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-09-14 to 2019-10-04)
October 2019
Sat5-Looe Arts & Crafts 10:0016:00Village Hall
(Multi day event from 2019-10-05 to 2019-10-25)
November 2019
Sat2-Polperro's Spectacular Fireworks!18:3021:00The Quay